About Dream Gypsy

Dream Gypsy is a San Diego duo who puts heart and soul into covers and originals, with a style often described as "real," and "authentic." We cover rock, blues, folk, and country tunes in our own unique style, bringing out the essence of each song.

CeeCee Clark: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Catherine “CeeCee” Clark is Dream Gypsy's lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player. She also enjoys writing original songs.

She started out wanting to play classical piano, but switched to guitar because pianos are heavy to carry. Since drums would have the same issue as an instrument choice, and kazoo mastery plagued her, she decided to try guitar and found her musical home. Her inner rocker was begging to be let loose, and when she was fortunate enough to cross paths with Bryan Willson, our duo was born.

Biggest musical thrill: Seeing faces light up and sing along when we play your favorite songs! And we love it when y’all hit the dance floor, so come on out and show us your best moves!

Influences come from classic rock, blues, folk and country, and include Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Etta James, Allison Krauss

Signature covers include Angel from Montgomery, Lovesong, Bird Set Free


Bryan Willson: Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Bryan Willson is the lead and rhythm guitar player, and backing vocalist for Dream Gypsy. He also is a talented songwriter. 

Bryan’s musical career started as the pianist for the hottest band on his street growing up.  He later had a dorm room stint with Kenny’s Air Band, where he played lead tennis racket. 

At this point he dusted off the nylon string guitar his grandmother had left him and decided to learn the real thing. Thus began a 25+ year Love affair with guitars. What began as a six string a day habit eventually became 12. For the last two years he’s cut back and proudly proclaims “four strings should be enough for any man.” 

Like his musical idol Paul McCartney, Bryan is naturally left-handed. However, he plays guitar and bass right-handed. Bryan says it was due to the availability of equipment when he was first learning, but those in the know claim that he just didn’t want to show Paul up. 

Any naming similarity to the “other” Brian Wilson is purely coincidental.  But "Wouldn’t It Be Nice"? 

His biggest musical thrill is yet to come.